Over 50 years of experience in the construction of professional ironing machines are realized in a complete range of cutting-edge products for construction technology and reliability able to meet the most varied needs. To find the product that best suits your needs, you can perform sectoral research by market areas. All the machines of interest for the selected segment will be highlighted.


OZOCAB does not use chemicals but "clean technology". Pure oxygen is regenerated after use without leaving any residue . 


Suction and blower table with electrically heated fireplace and adjustable by thermostat. 
Shaped ironing board. Bottle neck. 


Plant cold spotting consists of a large work surface and from one form to remove stains from the sleeves, both in stainless steel. 


Electro-vaporizing iron with patented "Triple Touch" system (single microswitch which can be activated in 3 positions: right, center and left), safety thermostat and plug. 


Vacuum and heated ironing table 
Adjustable height manually from 930 to 750 mm. High suction power by means of a larger vacuum built into the machine, which can be operated by pedal; adjustable suction power. 


gun Vaporizing gun , to be connected to a steam source. It can be used in stain removal, or for upholstery or saddlery work.